Leading Global Impact develops top leaders in Christ-centred leadership for maximum global impact

  • We INTENTIONALLY work with leaders whose outlook is national or global
  • Our work with leaders includes MENTORING and MOBILISING through one on one and group relationship in which we help leaders clarify their issues, define achievable outcomes to bring about global impact resulting in changed lives, circumstances and situations.
  • Our framework is deeply rooted in biblical theology and therefore brings both a PASTORAL and theological understanding to the issues identified and the solutions we develop together. This PARTNERSHIP of word and praxis ensures rigorous thought in all we undertake.
  • We believe accountability is essential and ADVOCATE food governance at board level, encouraging separation of governance and management functionality.
  • Our goal in working with leaders is to bring about maximum TRANSFORMATION by TRANSITIONING from the status quo to and envisioned future for global impact and change.

As we INTENTIONALLY work with leaders MENTORING them through their leadership growth and development, we work from a biblically rooted PASTROAL PARTNERSHIP ADVOCATING for external ACCOUNTABILITY. Seeking opportunities to COLLABORATE and COOPERATE with others for TRANSFORMATION at the leadership level which in turn flows to grass root implementation. IMPACT!

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