What We Do

  • Determine STRENGTHS
  • Define PASSION
  • Develop ACTION PLAN


Leaders often identify their strengths from what they think they are good at or what they like doing.
This is not necessarily reality.

'We work with leaders to uncover their true strengths, learned strengths and God-given strengths.


Often a person's passion is not linked to their daily work. We help leaders identify their passion and transition their work to create significant space for that passion to be pursued daily for global impact.


The Action Plan we develop will ensure Strengths don't become weaknesses and Passions don't get lost in the daily grind. We bring to the fore the way God has wired you so you can be and do what God has planned for you.

This takes time and effort on both our parts.

Too many leaders have a thought, fire the gun expecting the immediate end result!

Only after the gun has been fired do they realise significant hard work is needed so they move on to the next "new idea"!

Those leaders who have a vision, articulate it well, engage their brain, bring forth a strategy, develop action plan and then FIRE, are the leaders who IMPACT!

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