Leading Global Impact is involved in 2 types of consultations


  • One on one
  • Group


  • In partnership and collaboration with the Lausanne Movement


Leadership is

  • Inherent
  • Learned
  • Taught
  • Caught

No one leader is the guru or has all the intellectual capital on every aspect of leadership. Different leaders and different styles are required for different times in the life cycle of an organisation.

However, good leaders have

  • A lifetime goal of learning
  • A range of mentors
  • Surround themselves with people smarter than themselves
  • Listen and evaluate
  • Act decisively

Global Consultations

The Lausanne Movement is a network of over 20,000 leaders globally who work in every sphere of society in a spirit of prayer, study, partnership, hope and humility. Following the Third World Congress in 2010 a series of global issues were identified needing a Gospel focussed respond. Leading Global Impact is providing the leadership necessary to convene 3 Global Consultation per year.

These GC's will bring together 50 – 100 invited global thinkers, practison-ers, NGO's, church, business and industry captains to engage in serious and rigorous discussion resulting in a global statement, strategies to be implemented at both a global and a grass roots level, and published seminal and accessible works to aid ongoing action.

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